Friday, July 21, 2017

About asking questions on Internet

These are a very common principles of people's decent behavior, but still needs to be noted.

On the Internet, there are a lot of people who seek knowledge and also a little less people who have knowledge and experience, ready to share it.

1. To get answers and information from knowledgeable and experienced people it is always good to show at least some knowledge about the topic you ask. Otherwise, you tend to waste a precious time for explanations which can be found, easily to read, in the books, no need to ask anyone. Remember, people who actually answering questions are live and not machines. Most of them will simply avoid lengthy "discussion" about basic knowledge, by not to start it at all.

2. Please, try not to "ask questions" only to confirm your personal opinion. Ask someone to get an answer, and try not to debate with people who have, not only their opinion, but experience too... That is different (very).

3. Please, do not ask others to do your own homework. People who answer to your questions, can only show you the door. You're the one, that has to walk through it.

4. Please, do not oppose (your) opinion to the someone's real experience. These two are totally different things, and this will escalate to the endless debate.  Nobody honest will change real experience cognition, because someone's (just) opinion.

5. Also, keep in mind that knowledgeable and experienced people do not owe to answer you, and they also aren't silly, incapable to notice if you try to "drain" them, with questions they do not want to answer.

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